timeshare nightmare

5 Ways to Avoid a Timeshare Nightmare

Timeshare ownership is supposed to bring joy and happiness into your life not leave you with a nightmare experience. So here are some ways to make sure you avoid a timeshare nightmare.

1. Research

While the majority of timeshare operators are genuine, you are advised to research the timeshare company you are going to buy with before signing any contracts. If you are going to a timeshare presentation, then it is worth taking a look at the internet reviews of the resort and properties before heading to the presentation. Timeshare scams are well documented and fraudulent companies are obvious to spot.

2. Look at the Pros and Cons

There are many benefits to owning a timeshare property, such as saving you money on future vacations, spacious accommodations with kitchens and dining rooms, luxurious properties that you could not afford to buy outright. You also need to look at other considerations such as the destination and the cost of flights from your hometown. Is the location somewhere you would like to visit regularly?

3. Know your Finances

One way to avoid a timeshare nightmare is to avoid buying beyond your means. There are many different price ranges when it comes to buying a timeshare, therefore you should be honest and realistic with the seller when you sign your contract to avoid a financial nightmare at a later stage. The good thing to remember is that in most cases, payments become easier in the future as you finances naturally improve.

4. Maintenance Fees

Timeshare maintenance fees can be a cause of complaint but it is essential to recognize that the maintenance of your property is very important to protect your investment. Maintenance fees are a standard charge in all timeshare units, and the more established companies usually have the lower fees. The key is not to see maintenance fees as an expense but as part of your investment

5. Beware Resale Scams 

Sometimes happy timeshare owners receive a telephone call or email telling them that there is a buyer interested in their timeshare property. Even if you were not intending to sell, most people are attracted to the great offers that are given. These communications are usually scams and once you have paid an introduction fee or surveyors’ assessment, you will probably not hear from them again and you will be living a timeshare nightmare.


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