Advice on Selling Your Timeshare

Before making any decisions about selling your timeshare, it is important to recognize why you wish to sell. Thinking carefully about your reasons will help you avoid a lot of hard work and trouble. Often our reasons for wanting to sell our timeshare are circumstantial and easily rectified.

Change of Circumstances

Maybe your economic circumstance have changed somewhat since the time when you first bought your timeshare and now you cannot afford to take a vacation every year. Rather than sell your timeshare, you could join a vacation club which will let you bank your timeshare points for the following year, meaning that you take a vacation every two years rather than every year. That way you can stay in a bigger or more luxurious apartment than the one you originally bought and therefore invite friends and family to share the costs.

Another consideration to think about before selling your timeshare is how quickly things can change for the better. Once you have paid for your investment timeshare, then it does not make sense to sell it. Instead you should make the most of your vacations at yesterday’s prices.

Cannot Afford the Maintenance Fees

An easy solution to this predicament is to rent your timeshare to friends and family, charging them only the cost of the maintenance fees. If you want to rent it for a profit then you are best to do so via the Internet or through word of mouth. That way you keep your investment until such a time that you can once again afford the maintenance fees and are able to enjoy your timeshare once again.

Want to Visit Different Places

Nowadays it is very easy to swap your timeshare weeks for other destinations. You can do so through a vacation club or privately through social networks. Vacation clubs or points systems make exchanging your vacation property very easy and flexible.

Bereavement or Divorce

There are frequently emotional reason for no longer wanting to use a timeshare, because of psychological attachments and memories. Rather than selling your timeshare, you may consider a vacation club like Interval International where you could take cruises instead, giving you a completely different experience than the one you shared before.

Inherited Timeshares

You may be in the position that you have inherited a timeshare. Before selling, you should at least visit the timeshare property to decide if you could make good use of it. You might also want to consider donating it to a charity or lending it to other members of your family.


2 responses to “Advice on Selling Your Timeshare”

  1. Linda Rogers Avatar
    Linda Rogers

    This fraudulent sales practice is commonly used by sales managers as well as timeshare developers; however, they are very clever and very well protected. A common way to offer the resale of existing timeshares is to hire other companies to take charge of the sale or resale (paid by customers).

  2. Peggy Bryant Avatar
    Peggy Bryant

    Let’s face it; there are no easy ways when it comes to sell a timeshare, regardless of what some people can tell you. Actually one of the biggest timeshare complaints is that the units are very difficult to sell, not to say almost impossible. The main reason is because the supply greatly exceeds the demand. Statistically speaking, there are about 600 timeshare owners wanting to sell their properties for every prospective buyer in USA.

    That along with the struggling economy and the terrible reputation that the timeshare industry has gained, represent the biggest difficulties when selling a timeshare. Also, do not get your hopes up for a big profit. Timeshares lose over 50% of their original purchase price at the moment the timeshare agreement is made and the contract is signed.

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