Best Destinations for Honeymoons in Mexico

Choosing that perfect place to celebrate your recent wedding with your new spouse is an exciting prospect and there are so many options in Mexico to choose from. Take a look at the brief list below:

Puerto Vallarta

On the Pacific coast, this is a great destination for lovers and honeymooners as there is so much to keep you entertained as well as stunning surroundings. If you make it out of your honeymoon suite, you will be mesmerized by the mountains, jungle and breathtaking ocean.

Cabo San Lucas

In addition to attracting Hollywood stars and A listers looking for some privacy, Cabo San Lucas is a prime destinations for couples on honeymoon. The surroundings are unique as the destination boasts desert, mountains and ocean all rolled into one.


Although on Mexican mainland, this spectacular destination is a Caribbean haven for those looking to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. The powder-white sands and azure waters cannot be beaten for a once in a lifetime experience.


On the Baja California Peninsula, the Islands of Loreto offer a unique tranquil experience, ideal for a honeymoon getaway. The historic town offers the best of Mexico’s traditions with wonderful beaches and some of the most beautiful hotels.


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