Best Landmarks in Cabo San Lucas

Of all the wonderful locations in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas really is one of the most glamorous, beautiful, and family friendly. There are dozens upon dozens of great activities and landmarks in Cabo San Lucas to visit, but you only have no much time (sadly), so we’ve compiled a list of our very favourite in the area!

El Arco (The Arch)

The most famous of landmarks in Cabo San Lucas, this majestic rock formation is arguably the most recognizable feature in Cabo san Lucas, perhaps even in all of Baja California. Erupting from the waves at the southernmost point of Cabo san Lucas, this natural landmark is one of the best sites around for snorkelling, pelican spotting, and sea-lion watching (though not all at once!). In fact, you might even catch sight of some humpback whales as they pass through in winter.

Cabo San Lucas Marina and Market

The marina and its adjoining flea market are somewhat of a Cabo institution; the marina itself offers a place for yacht owners to leave their vessels, as well as somewhere from which you can get a water taxi to the EL Arco Rock formation. There are some great bars and restaurants here to keep you entertained, as well as a market full of artisans selling clothing, textiles, jewellery, and even pieces of original artwork! The marina, and market, is a veritable haven for art lovers and their families and one of the most cultural landmarks in Cabo San Lucas.

Vitrofusion Glass blowing factory

The art of glass blowing has been around for centuries and can produce some really breath-taking results! The Vitrofusion glass factory has been turning out some of the best examples of this craft for a long time, and it’s now offering tourists the chance to watch the masters at work. You can also create your own piece, if you wish, by trying your hand at learning the art yourself. What better way to bring home memories of your vacation to Cabo san Lucas.

Chileno Beach in Cabo san Lucas

This beach is one of the best loved landmarks in Cabo san Lucas. A hotspot for families, couples, and singletons alike it boasts safe swimming waters, soft yellow sands, and many great water sports to enjoy! You can snorkel, jet-ski, kayak, even paddle board at Chileno Beach. This popular daytime hang-out is number one for a family day out, so why not bring a picnic?

The range of great landmarks in Cabo San Lucas has much to offer tourists of all ages, budgets and descriptions! No matter what you like to do, or what you’d want to see, you can be sure that you’ll find it in Cabo San Lucas! We highly recommend visiting El Arco above all else; there are few opportunities to see the raw majesty and power of nature these days, but El Arco is definitely one of them!

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