Beware Villa Group Scams?

Sadly, the prevalence of timeshare scammers throughout the 80’s has left a scar on the reputation of legitimate timeshare sellers today. As such, one of the most common questions I receive concerns the likelihood of being a timeshare scam victim. To speak generally about timeshare scams is somewhat counterproductive, as there are some individuals and small companies that still target people for scams, thus giving timeshare a bad name.

Therefore, I have taken to writing about specific companies, to avoid generalization. It is, always wise to check up on anyone you may be doing business with, especially when it concerns such a considerable investment as buying a timeshare.

Beware Villa Group Scams

Villa Group Scams

When it comes to the Villa Group and Villa Group Scams, most people will not encounter any underhand dealings. There is no scam involved in Villa Group timeshare, the only danger being resale scams, cancellation scams and timeshare action suit scams, all of which are out of the control of the Villa Group.

Who is The Villa Group?

The Villa Group is a longstanding provider of timeshare, vacation club services, fractional ownership and leisure real estate in Mexico. They are known widely for having a stellar 30 year reputation for fair play, quality, value, and offering a personalized experience. Perhaps their most famous brand is Villa del Palmar which has resorts in the very best locations including the Riviera Nayarit, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and the Islands of Loreto.

So The Villa Group is not a scam, then?

Absolutely not! There is no danger of a scam when dealing directly with the Villa Group. Customer reviews all point to the fact that they are not fraudulent and will not scam you!

The Villa Group Scams

There have been no recorded cases of people being scammed when they deal directly with the Villa Group, this is true. It is also true, however, that there are those out there who will use such a legitimate and respected name to cover their true identities and goals. Beware resale scams and those who might pretend to be associated with the Villa Group. These types of scams are easy to spot as dealings do not take place at the resort.

How to protect yourself from a fraudster

Ensure you only buy directly from the Villa Group salesroom on site, and that you are given a full tour of the resort before you do so. Read your contract in full and do not allow yourself to be rushed. If anyone tries to have you sign a contract off site, do not sigh. Report such an incident immediately to the resort!

Other Villa Group Scams

The most common scams associated with the Villa Group are resale scams in which members are contacted and promised profit for selling their membership on, or told that this person can cancel their timeshare without penalty. Their endgame is to convince you to pay their extortionate “fees”. These types of scams are out of the control of the Villa Group, so take extra care if you are considering selling your timeshare.

2 responses to “Beware Villa Group Scams?”

  1. Tom Hager Avatar
    Tom Hager

    You really need to be careful of timeshare scams, but I think the biggest fraudsters are not the timeshare chains like Villa Group but all the other unregulated businesses that come with timeshare like rental scams, cancellation scams and resales. Timeshare gets a bad rap, but thankfully laws have been put into place to regulate the industry which has helped (especially in Mexico) to deter scams selling timeshare. As this article suggests, the best advice is to only buy from a genuine sales room… and forget about cancellation services. They are pretty much all scams.

    1. Iva A Reynolds Avatar
      Iva A Reynolds

      Have to agree with Tom about cancellation scams. I lost quite a bit of money dealing with ripoff cancellation services. I have heard pretty good stuff about Villa Group timeshare. Everything points to it being a bonafide company. They are also endorsed by ARDA.

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