Celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico Style

Statistics in the USA claim that more than 20 billion dollars are spent of Valentine’s chocolates, jewelry, cards and gifts each year. Vacations to Mexico to celebrate Valentine’s Day are almost as popular as anniversaries and birthdays. There are many reasons why celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico style is a great idea.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico Style

Why Choose Mexico for Valentine’s Day

Most people who choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a vacation opt to spend a short period of time like a long weekend or a couple of days. Mexico is perfect for short getaways, especially if you live in the USA and Canada near an international airport. Flights are quick and many are direct, which makes choosing Mexico for a short Valentine’s Day getaway really popular.

The weather is also a key factor that makes Mexico an excellent destination for Valentine’s Day. There are few affordable places in the Northern Hemisphere that can boast warm sunny weather in February, while freezing temperatures back home make a snowy Valentine’s more likely.

Mexico is also a very romantic country. Hotels and restaurants go out of their way to make Valentine’s dinners and excursions highly intimate and romantic. If you tell your hotel that you are visiting for a romantic getaway, you are sure to enjoy some lovie dovie detail in your room or a special privilege.

Places in Mexico to Visit for Valentine’s

The likelihood is that you are looking for somewhere warm and sunny in Mexico to take your Valentine this year; therefore, the coastal beach destinations are the best options. Cancun is a very romantic option with the stunning Caribbean Sea and plenty of Islands to explore, like Isla Mujeres, while Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas offer guaranteed sunsets over the ocean, which are unbeatable for a candlelit Valentines’ dinners for two. If you are looking for somewhere really tranquil, surrounded by nature, the Islands of Loreto on the Sea of Cortez make a great option for Valentine lovers.

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