False Complaints About Villa Group Timeshare

False Complaints About Villa Group Timeshare

It is always better to hear the other side of a story when it’s a controversial one. Take a look at the top complaints about Villa Group timeshare and discover why they are not real.

The top false complaints about Villa Group timeshare:

  • Villa Group timeshare has a poor reputation for cheating on innocent tourists.

FALSE. Villa Group enjoys a respectable name among timeshare memberships available in Mexico. It has offered more than 30 years of quality services to thousands of timeshare members who can attest to that.

  • Villa Group timeshare offers presentations that take up a lot of time.

FALSE. Villa Group timeshare presentations always follow the timeframe proposed to the vacationers who agreed to attend. There are some visitors who might stay longer in the resorts in order to enjoy the property.

  • Villa Group timeshare sales agents are known for being deceitful.

FALSE. Villa Group timeshare sales agents who are found lying just to make sales will undergo disciplinary actions from their employer. The company’s staff are trained to make sure standards of honesty are properly followed.

  • Villa Group timeshare sales agents use hardcore and discourteous sales strategies to force vacationers to make a purchase.

FALSE. Villa Group timeshare sales agents do not have to be impolite when it comes to offering products. The products stand up for themselves. Rude sales practices are frowned upon by Villa Group and agents are regulated.

  • Villa Group timeshare sales agents falsely announce to clients that their Villa Group timeshare is a great financial investment.

FALSE. Villa Group timeshare sales agents only emphasize the genuine benefits from having your own vacation club membership.

  • Villa Group timeshare sales agents misinform potential clients about the cooling off period.

FALSE. The timeshare membership contract clearly outlines the cooling off period guidelines.

  • It will be hard to exchange your Villa Group timeshare for other vacation areas in Mexico.

FALSE. As long as you have enough number of points, you may stay at any of your desired resorts available with your Villa Group timeshare membership. Borrowed or banked points can also be used to ensure the place and accommodation you prefer. Make your reservations as early as possible to secure them.

  • Villa Group timeshare maintenance fees are so expensive that no one wants to use their timeshare.

FALSE. Maintenance fees are set according to the industry standards and the needs of the resort. See timeshare reviews and the number of attendees of the yearly membership meetings to find out the truth. Aside from that, there are thousands of members who are using their timeshare every year.

  • Interval International Vacation club and Villa Group timeshare are not exchangeable for other destinations in other countries.

FALSE. Your Villa Group timeshare is totally possible to exchange with your Interval International for the best vacation destinations in the world.

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