Fraud or Bona fide? Cabo San Lucas Time Share Presentations

Cabo San Lucas is a top Mexican destination for timeshare resorts and therefore you are not likely to escape being invited to a timeshare presentation at some stage during your visit to the Baja California paradise. The good news is that Cabo San Lucas is not renowned for timeshare scams, although it is always a good idea to beware any invitation that seems dubious or simply too good to be true.

Most Cabo San Lucas time share presentations are the real deal, especially if your are invited to consider buying a from a reputable resort. In any case there are some key tips to take into consideration to avoid a presentations scam in any Mexican beach destination.

1. Check the Authorization of the Person Inviting You

In Mexico, companies need to have a license to sell time share. Anyone you meet on the street who invites your to attend a time share presentation, even if they are located in a shop or tour agency, should have official Cabo ID to show they have permission to invite you in a public place.

2. Take the Name of the Promoter (OPC) and Resort

Make a note of the promoter who is dealing with your presentation as well as the name of the Cabo resort. If you are taken to a resort that does not match the one promoted to you initially, you should beware. There have been cases in Cabo San Lucas where promoters say they are working for a licensed company and then send you to a tour with another illegitimate company which pays more commissions.

3. Check the Reputation of the Timeshare Resort

Once you have agreed to attend a time share presentation in Cabo San Lucas, do a little research on the internet before arriving to the resort. That way you are clued up on what the resort has to offer.

4. Beware Presentations not Held on the Resort

Be wary if you are attending a presentation in a location other than the resort which you are being tempted to buy. If you are considering a pre-sale unit in Cabo San Lucas, you should check the validity of the resort and its operators on the internet before signing a contract. The best advice is to only buy a pre-sale from a reputable chain that already has resorts in other locations.

5. Don’t Trust Too Good to Be True Gifts

The free gift that you receive in return for your time attending a time share presentation should be proportionate to the profit the company are likely to make if they were to sell you a time share. Therefore, when gifts seem too far-fetched, you may be walking into a scam.



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