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How to Spend the Best Day Out in Puerto Vallarta

There’s so much to do in Puerto Vallarta that it can be a little confusing! There is much more for you to enjoy in Puerto Vallarta than its idyllic beaches and excellent cuisine, there are opportunities for different activities, tours and excursions every day of the week for a whole season! Besides choosing to staying in a hotel that has a kids club and free activities, there are many things to do in Puerto Vallarta with both young children and teenagers. Let’s hope this list for things to do for the best day out in Puerto Vallarta will help you decide the best Puerto Vallarta tours for you and your family!


Fun at the beach is certainly among the top things to do in Puerto Vallarta with kids. You can go on a banana boat as a family, rent speed boats, parasailing, paddle boards and more. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, why not take a snorkeling tour or scuba dive.

Marigalante Pirate Ship

Another place to have watersport fun is on the daytime Marigalante pirate ship tour. You can play beach games, go kayaking, and go snorkeling while enjoying pirate-inspired food and drinks. If you decide to take the night tour, be prepared to enjoy the fireworks and special entertainment show. If you bring kids on your vacation, it will be worth your while to incorporate the pirate ship activity into your list of things to do while spending your best day out in Puerto Vallarta.

Walking the Malecon

Puerto Vallarta’s cultural waterfront walk, the Malecon was recently updated in 2011 and was designed with luxurious flower beds and beautiful palm trees that offset the deep blue color of the Pacific ocean. This boardwalk is great for both relaxation and excitement. So walk the Malecon and let the time drift away by watching various waterfront activities as you promenade down the boardwalk. You may also get a chance to see the traditional flying acrobats who catapult themselves from a pole on the beach (Los Voladores de Papantla).


Dolphin Fun

Swimming with dolphins is an enchanting adventure that is sure to be at the top of your list of ways to spend the best day out in Puerto Vallarta. You can get a chance to see how the dolphins are taken care of by their trainers, and you can usually touch the dolphins or swim with them if you have those activities included in your tour package.

Whale Watching

Another sea creature worthy of seeing while spending your best day out in Puerto Vallarta is the humpback whale. If you are planning on vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for the winter season (between mid-November and early March), then this tour will surely be an added treat to your list of things to do. Watch these amazing creatures dazzle you with their acrobatic performance.

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