How to Upgrade your Timeshare Membership

How to Upgrade your Timeshare Membership

Are you a new Villa Group timeshare member and you are curious on how you can get the most out of your membership and your vacation ownership investment? Depending on the type of timeshare membership level that you bought, an upgrade with your membership could provide you with added flexibility, added choices, and enhanced amenities compared to standard vacation ownership membership. Read below to find out how to upgrade your timeshare membership.

  • Levels of Timeshare Memberships

With each vacation club company and provider, there are different levels of timeshare memberships. If you see any complaints left by an existing owner claiming they are having a difficult time trying to reserve at their unit, these complaints by the timeshare owner may have occurred due to the level of their current membership. When you try to book your vacation in advance with a basic timeshare membership, you may be disappointed that some of the popular suites and dates you want are already taken. However, this could just be a problem due to the fact that you have a standard level timeshare membership. You should consider an upgrade so you will have added flexibility and choice, and you should always avoid trying to cancel your timeshare membership.

  • Are You A New Timeshare Member?

Are you a new timeshare member? Are you trying to book your first vacation with your timeshare provider and it is difficult to do? If all of the popular suites and dates are already booked for the rest of this year and the beginning of next year, it is likely because higher level members have already booked them. Don’t become afraid thinking that you are a victim of a timeshare scam. You have not been scammed. You should first make sure that you book your vacations well in advance and start planning as soon as you can for best results. Be aware that there are timeshare cancellation companies out there that will try to convince you that they can help you cancel your membership which is untrue. Sadly, these timeshare cancellation companies are only wanting to scam your money. They will charge you a large fee upfront, then when they get the money they will suddenly disappear. If you are having a problem booking vacations, you should only contact your timeshare provider. Again, you may want to think about purchasing a higher level with your membership so you can secure the best suites and dates for your vacations each and every time.

  • Upgrading a Timeshare – What to Do

One way to assist people to get the most out of their vacation investment is with an upgrade to their timeshare level. An upgrade for your vacation ownership membership will provide you with better choices and flexibility, but you must contact your current vacation club provider directly for assistance. Never venture out to other resort providers or timeshare cancellation companies. Instead, you can simply ask your existing provider what upgrades that can provide you for your membership. You should never attend a sales presentation with another vacation club provider because you just may end up with a second timeshare that you will be responsible for paying. In the past, this has happened to existing owners who didn’t realize they have just purchased a second membership as they were only looking for assistance from another company. Always contact and work with your own timeshare provider. Your current and existing provider can let you know what upgrades are available for you, and some timeshare providers provide point systems that allow for points to be stored until their members want to use them for future vacations. You should remember that if you want to have the ultimate timeshare membership, you should upgrade your membership to a higher level, and this gives you added services, options, and flexibility.

In conclusion, you have now learned how to upgrade your timeshare membership. You should only upgrade your membership with your timeshare provider. You should never get involved with any third party timeshare provider that try to convince you that they can cancel your membership. This is a scam, and you may end up buying a second membership. The bottom line is to always work with your timeshare provider and discuss your upgrade options.

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