Young woman wears face mask traveling by air during times of coronavirus

COVID 2021 Update: Is a Covid Test Needed to Enter the US?

Headed to Mexico for vacation soon? Travelers should be aware that new regulations have recently been issued by the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) concerning the COVID-19 virus. In hopes of lowering the risk of transmission of the virus from air travel, the CDC will start requiring a negative COVID test from all travelers entering the United States by air effective January 26th. In addition, the use of COVID testing before you travel is another important way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Designed to protect the health of Americans, keep reading below about how a negative COVID test will be required to enter the US effective January 26th.

Young woman wears face mask traveling by air during times of coronavirus

Covid Test Needed to Return to the US and Canada

A recent order from the CDC goes into effect on January 26th that will require persons entering the US to show evidence of a negative COVID test. The regulation will require that all air passengers take an antigen COVID test within 3 days before their flight into the U.S. Written or electronic documentation of laboratory test results must be shown at the airport. Any passengers that had COVID during their travels and recovered must provide a negative test result. Airlines will ensure that all passengers have a negative test before they are allowed to board their flight. Any passengers that do not provide documentation of a negative test or recovery or refuse to take a test will be denied boarding. Make sure to schedule your test to prevent travel delays. Similarly, Canada is now requiring a PCR COVID test for persons wanting to enter Canada.

CDC COVID Testing Information

Currently, Mexico does not require a COVID test in order to enter the country. However, the CDC recommends travelers get tested prior to travel. That way, they are less likely to unknowingly pass the virus to others while traveling. The CDC also recommends that travelers get a COVID test when they return home and limit outings for up to 7 days after vacation. In case a traveler picked up the virus during their vacation or while traveling home, taking a test and limiting outings will help reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to others. This important safety measure will help identify infected travelers before they put others at risk and board an airplane while sick. Pre-departure testing before travel begins will help identify infected travelers before they board airplanes.

The Center for Disease Control

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a US based organization that strives to protect the health, safety and security of American citizens. Currently, the CDC is working hard to deal with the COVID pandemic by issuing new safety regulations for travel. The CDC is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and works with various experts from around the world. As variants of COVID virus continue to emerge, it is believed that there is an increased transmissibility of some of the new variants. Since the US is already experiencing a crisis with full hospitals and a surge in new cases, the COVID testing requirement for air passengers will help slow the incidence of transmission for travelers. Meanwhile, the process of vaccinating the American public is currently underway, too.

Remember, it is very important to not travel if you do not feel well. However, if you are well, take extra precautions to stay safe by practicing social distancing and use face masks in public. If you vacation in Mexico, remember to take a COVID test a few days before your flight so you can be eligible to travel. Proof of a negative COVID test is now required for re-entry into the United States and Canada. These new regulations should help diminish the spread of the virus from airline flights and in airports. Wondering where to stay in Mexico? The Villa Group has 9 luxury resorts in top destinations and have stringent sanitation and hygiene protocols in place to keep guests safe. Contact the Villa Group today to book your dream vacation in Mexico. A safe and fun vacation in paradise is still possible.


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