honeymoon puerto vallarta

A Mexican Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

Are you set on a Mexican honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta? This is a clear indication that you have impeccable taste, are looking for first class romance and like a little adventure thrown in. Puerto Vallarta is a top choice for a Mexican honeymoon and you will be so glad you chose the Pacific Coast for your honeymoon escape.

honeymoon puerto vallarta

Mexican honeymoons in general are very fashionable at present with a number of celebrities choosing Mexico as a destination for both vacations, weddings and honeymoon getaways. Mexican honeymoons in Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings continue to receive top customer reviews and great feedback.

Why take a Mexican Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta?

The charms of choosing a Mexican honeymoon rather than other countries has a lot to do with the colorful Mexican culture and traditions as well as its world-recognized great cuisine. Also, there is nothing quite like Mexican service where people are super friendly and extremely careful about delivering excellent service. Mexico’s great weather and accessibility is also an attractive feature that puts Mexican honeymoons top of the list for most newlyweds arriving from the Canada and the United States. Quick, cheap flights are key.

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More specifically, choosing a Mexican honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta adds a whole additional layer to what Mexico in general is famed for. Boasting all the benefit named above: great weather, cheap flights, amazing service, delicious food etc, Puerto Vallarta adds its own specific romantic charm that makes a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta one to remember. Firstly, being on the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta offers honeymooners daily sunsets over the ocean. These beautiful, guaranteed privileges of nature offer idyllic honeymoon experiences such as a sunset romantic dinner and cocktails or a couples massage on the beach as the sun takes its final journey of the day.

Hotels in Puerto Vallarta are totally geared towards an amazing Mexican honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. All luxury hotels and resorts will have a honeymoon suite and special details for your first vacation as man and wife. You can choose between honeymoon all inclusive packages or room only, depending on how much time you plan to spend exploring Puerto Vallarta.

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