Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Villa del Mar

Puerto Vallarta Timeshare – Villa del Mar

Today, there are many wonderful options for Puerto Vallarta timeshare and fractional ownership. Over the years, more and more companies have offered the chance for tourists to become part owners in the most exciting vacation projects in Puerto Vallarta. However, very few people know the history behind Puerto Vallarta timeshare and how the very first timeshare options like Villa del Mar were made affordable for visitors to enjoy.

Villa del Mar is still going strong today, but many people are unaware that it was one of the first purpose built timeshare resorts in Puerto Vallarta. At the beginning of the 1980s, the Villa Group formed and began their first venture making Puerto Vallarta timeshare a reality. Villa del Mar grew from a small complex in 1985 to a 131 suite complex as it is today. Owners at Villa del Mar enjoy a private pool area, reserved for members only, a social area under a beautiful palapa, outside dining areas and barbecue as well as a large reception area.

Puerto Vallarta Timeshare Villa del Mar

“Owners at Villa del Mar enjoy a private pool area, reserved for members only”

The suites at Villa del Mar have been constantly updated and renovated to meet modern tastes and to ensure the great quality of the architectural structure. Ongoing maintenance has ensured that the resort looks as appealing as it did the day it opened. Older timeshare owners feel completely at home at Villa del Mar, as the complex is more conducive to meeting friends and getting to know your neighbors. It remains one of the most traditional Puerto Vallarta timeshare complexes.

Not only do you enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of Villa del Mar’s intimate communal areas, timeshare members can use all the facilities at the adjoining Villa del Palmar resort, which includes another two large swimming pools, restaurants, a spa, gyms, tennis courts and more. The beauty of Villa de Mar is that you can take part in all of the Villa del Palmar activities or remain in the more exclusive members’ zone at Villa del Mar.

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