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Review: Villa del Palmar Timeshare

Villa del Palmar Timeshare is the name of five beach resorts in Mexico developed by the celebrated timeshare company The Villa Group Timeshare:

  • Villa del Palmar Vallarta Beach Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta
  • Villa del Palmar Flamingos Beach Resort & Spa Riviera Nayarit
  • Villa del Palmar Cabo Beach Resort & Spa Cabo San Lucas
  • Villa del Palmar Loreto Beach Resort & Spa Islas de Loreto
  • Villa del Palmar Cancún Beach Resort & Spa Cancún

All of the Villa del Palmar Timeshare resorts are located on the beach and have direct access from the complex to the shoreline. The Villa Group Timeshare pride themselves on identifying vacation destinations that will bring the greatest enjoyment for their guests as well as security for their investment. As is the case with Villa del Palmar timeshare, the resorts have grown alongside the destinations to become highly successful and some of the most popular in Mexico.

The Villa del Palmar timeshare resorts offer some of Mexico’s best timeshare properties, both in terms of value for money and quality. The timeshare units are large and all feature fully equipped kitchens, dining and living areas, private balconies with furniture and en suite bathrooms. The other advantage of buying a Villa del Palmar timeshare are the maintenance fees, which are reasonable in comparison to other companies and the quality of the maintenance is efficient and of a high standard.

When you buy a Villa del Palmar timeshare you will also benefit from Villa Preferred Access, which is a points system that acts like a vacation club, meaning you can effectively swap you timeshare for one of the other Villa Group destinations or even join Interval International vacation club as a means of exchanging your Villa del Palmar timeshare in another country.


3 responses to “Review: Villa del Palmar Timeshare”

  1. Linda Rogers|Villa del Palmar Avatar
    Linda Rogers|Villa del Palmar

    When making large financial investments, it is very careful to read the fine print. In the past, a person’s word was taken at face value at could be relied upon as valid and truthful information. Sadly, in today’s times, what holds up in a court of law is the written contract, so it is essential when making a purchase of a timeshare to read the contract very carefully and ensure that you agree to and understand each and every clause.

  2. Torri Lawson Avatar
    Torri Lawson

    I agree with this review of Villa del Palmar timeshare, although I would add something about the staff that make it so special. Even the call center staff are super friendly and when you arrive the members concierge remember your name. I totally recommend the Villa Preferred Access. It gives you flexibility to use your points to visit other destinations and allows you to choose different size units too.

    1. Anna Brown Avatar
      Anna Brown

      We love our Villa del Palmar timeshare too. Use it every year! Sometimes twice a year. You get free summer points too.

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