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Should You Attend a Timeshare Presentation?

You may have been invited to attend a timeshare presentation if you have recently been on vacation in Mexico. Potential buyers that sign up to attend timeshare presentation are sometimes offered meal tickets or tickets to activities as an incentive Should you attend a timeshare presentation? Is it a waste of time? Should you consider taking time out of your vacation plans to learn more about vacation ownership? All these questions are answered below.

Timeshares – What Are They?

What are timeshares? A timeshare or vacation ownership membership is where people use a shared property each year. There is a legal financial arrangement, and the time that is spent at the timeshare unit is usually one to two weeks each year. Depending upon your membership, group, or chain of hotel, you could possibly use your weeks at another location. To become an owner, you will be required to pay an upfront financial investment, which is why many people believe that joining a vacation ownership plan is not a good investment. Along with the initial investment, owners are also required to pay regular maintenance fees each month. These maintenance fees are important in order to help keep the property in good working order. Many timeshare companies also offer amazing incentives such as hotel stays for free and complimentary entertainment tickets to shows or restaurant in the hopes that people will consider investing in a vacation ownership membership. Now, the question to consider is, “Should you attend a timeshare sales presentation?”

Timeshare Presentation Downsides

One important thing that you should consider before you attend any timeshare presentation is if the incentives seem too good to actually be true, then it probably is. You may be offered free tickets or even a free trip if you attend their sales presentation that is normally ninety minutes long. After the presentation, you may also be required to go on a tour of the resort to get to know the amenities and services in person. In addition, there are certain requirements people must make in order to be actually eligible to purchase a timeshare membership. Many timeshare companies require that people are 25-30 years of age, have a certain income level, and even times your relationship status is considered. Usually married couples or couples that have been in a long relationship are preferred to purchase a timeshare as these people are more likely to invest and have the finances needed to afford a membership.

Domineering Sales Pitch

For many individuals, the timeshare presentation is worth their time if they have the opportunity to get free trips or free tickets, even if they already know they are not likely to purchase a membership. However, you should know that some of the salespeople have high pressure sale tactics and they will do everything to convince you into purchasing a vacation ownership membership. The sales people have a variety of sales tactics, which include trying to keep you longer than the ninety minutes in the hopes that they will wear down your will power. Sometimes, as a motivation to make a sale, they create a fake urgency by trying to convince an individual that if they don’t purchase or sign a contract today, they will be unable to later. As a last resort, if this sales person is still not having any luck with you, they will have another experienced salesperson to come in to assist them in making the sale.

Rest assured not every timeshare company uses these aggressive sales tactics. There are many reputable and trustworthy providers and offer a great value for their members. It is more than possible to actually purchase a timeshare that is legit if you stick with well respected providers. So, do you think you should attend a timeshare presentation?

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