Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

Getting away from it all at Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to reset the batteries and enjoy quality time with the family. The long weekend in November in the US and October in Canada means that you can take advantage of the extra vacation time to escape for a couple of days or extend a longer trip.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination that caters perfectly for the Thanksgiving holidays, with relatively short and direct flights from many North American cities and a selection of excellent hotels, resorts and vacation rentals to choose from for all budgets.

On the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta benefits from stunning beaches all with their distinct characters. Some beaches are perfect family beaches, like in Nuevo Vallarta where the sea is shallow and the waves are fun but light, others are great for surfing, while some beaches are deeper with light currents great for lounging on an inflatable mat.

You will find that Puerto Vallarta is very accommodating for visitors arriving to celebrate Thanksgiving. Most hotels and restaurants will prepare a special menu with turkey and all the trimmings and many places will have special events or live music to celebrate. As Thanksgiving is not a national holiday in Mexico, you will benefit from the exclusivity and specialized services offered. It is not so difficult to make reservations in the best restaurants and there is a sense of patriotic unification between visitors enjoying Thanksgiving that is heartwarming.


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