Timeshare and Renting

Most people are not aware that they can rent their timeshare during those times when they are unable to use their unit. The most important thing to remember is that the primary reason for purchasing a timeshare should be that you wish to use it yourself, otherwise you will fall into the trap of false hopes.

Renting your timeshare can be a great way to help pay for your timeshare investment but it should not be seen as a money making venture. Renting your timeshare will help cover your costs and maybe even give you some spare cash too, but the truth about renting timeshare is that you are not going to be the next Donald Trump!

Renting your timeshare points or timeshare week is relatively easy and you will find that timeshare properties are desirable. The advantages of choosing to rent a timeshare property lie in the fact that the units are much bigger than standard rooms and many have full kitchens. This makes it easy to market your timeshare for rental.

How to Rent your Timeshare

To make the most money from your rental, you should try and rent it privately. You can do so using free on line rental websites or through your local newspaper. Another alternative is to use a rental agent to represent your unit. Most timeshare operators offer the service to rent your timeshare if you so wish, although both rental agents and timeshare operators will charge a commission fee.

Timeshare owners also have the option of banking their timeshare points with the timeshare operator or vacation club. In this way, rather than renting your timeshare when you cannot use it, you can save the points for another year.


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