Timeshare in Cabo: Villa del Palmar

A member of the celebrated The Villa Group chain of timeshare resorts, Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas is located in a prime position just minutes from the downtown area. Its location is perfect for timeshare owners, who may wish to walk to the hustle of the town center or get a short taxi ride for groceries. The resort also boasts a sandy beach which can be accessed directly from the pool area, overlooking the beautiful Los Arcos landmark.

The five star timeshare resort has huge swimming pools to delight guests and a serene waterfall giving the resort its distinctive architectural signature. Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas also has a saltwater aquarium to keep both kids and adults fascinated.

At Villa del Palmar Cabo, you can opt for both all inclusive plans, even if you are staying as a timeshare owner. You can buy reasonably priced all inclusive passes. The quality of the restaurants on site is excellent catering for all kinds of guests and children. There is a mini market with a deli selling fresh produce so that you can take advantage of the fully equipped kitchens in your timeshare apartments.

Timeshare owners at Villa del Palmar Cabo should be proud of their world class spa which spans 10,000 sq ft and offers an extensive range of massages, treatments, facials and hair styling at great prices. The gym facilities are equally as impressive with weights, running machines and cardiovascular exercise equipment.

Owning a timeshare at Villa del Palmar Cabo is a dream come true. The suites are as amazing as the resort with lots of space for all the family. Tastefully decorated and outfitted with decent furniture both inside and out, your timeshare apartment will delight you every time you arrive.


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  1. Maya Garson Avatar
    Maya Garson

    Villa del Palmar’s Sales Practice has a well recognize reputation for the lies, scams and most likely to misrepresented the contract at the moment of signing. Villa del Palmar sales associate like any other sales person will tell you all the wonders you want to hear to make a purchase, most timeshare presentation last 90 minutes, but at Villa del Palmar you can be up to 4 hrs in there.

  2. Beth Green Avatar
    Beth Green

    Internet is full of timeshare scam stories from people who tried to sell their timeshares and ended up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars to unscrupulous timeshare brokers who are promising to sell timeshare scam properties.

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