Timeshare Rentals Direct From Owner

One of the great benefits of owning a timeshare unit is the large size of the accommodations, not to mention the great resorts and destinations where these units are located. As non timeshare owners you can benefit from the great advantages of timeshare ownership without having to buy a timeshare. Renting direct from timeshare owners is a wonderful alternative to buying.

Benefits of Timeshare Rental

Renting a timeshare is perfect if you are undecided about whether to make the leap and become a full member. Renting from a current timeshare owner gives you the chance to try out the facilities and experience the benefits of vacation ownership.

Timeshare accommodations have a reputation for being much larger than standard hotel rooms and many come with full kitchens and separate bedrooms. Therefore, it is like renting an apartment on the site of a fully serviced hotel or resort. You enjoy the privacy and autonomy of a rental property with all the luxuries on offer to members at the resort. For example, timeshare resorts commonly have a range of restaurants, pools, spa services and fitness facilities that can be used by timeshare owners as well as their renters.

Benefits of Renting a Timeshare Direct From Owner

You can make great savings on agency fees, bringing down the cost of your vacation accommodation. You can also arrange a regular rental with the same owner if the resort and unit is to your liking. Another benefit of renting from the timeshare owner is that you usually get a quicker response than working through a middleman as the owner will be able to answer all of your questions directly.

Disadvantages of Timeshare Rental

As opposed to becoming a timeshare member yourself, the disadvantages of renting a timeshare is that you do not receive any of the members’ discounts and extra benefits like early check in and late check out, complimentary activities and so on. You simply rent the unit as a guest rather than a member.

Disadvantages of Renting a Timeshare Direct from Owner

When you rent direct with the owner, there is usually no one to act on your behalf in the destination where you are renting the timeshare. Agencies usually have someone in the destination to deal with any issues. The other concern is being able to verify that the accommodation is legitimate, although with timeshare this is easier to check by contacting the timeshare operator.


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