Timeshare Resales at Villa Palmar

You will be surprised by the sheer number of companies on the Internet and free newspapers selling Villa del Palmar timeshare resales. Unfortunately, it is hard to ascertain if these agents are the real deal selling genuine timeshares or if they are (as most are) a scam. Firstly, Villagroup does not endorse any resale agents on the Internet, which means that you could be vulnerable for a resale scam.

Both buying and selling a Villa del Palmar timeshare unit has its pitfalls unless you are doing so privately to friends of family. There have been many scams associated with Villa del Palmar resales, which have no bearing on the original seller Villagroup. Once you get into the territory of the resale market, your initial timeshare developer no longer has any way of helping you if you become involved in a scam.

One of the most common timeshare frauds is a resale scam that targets current Villa del Palmar owners. These scams promise members great returns on their timeshare investment but ask for an upfront fee. Once you pay the scammers, they will take forever and a day to sell your timeshare, yet they have your money.

Often these resale scams will call you at home to say that there is a buyer interested in your Villa del Palmar timeshare property. Regardless of whether you had been thinking about selling, if offered a great price, most people would probably consider selling. You then have to pay an introduction fee to receive the details of the buyer who will never buy or pulls out at the last minute after you have paid for the agent’s surveyor and lawyer to prepare your contract.

How to avoid a resale scam

The best way to avoid a Villa del Palmar resale scam is to always buy from the developer. If you really need to sell your timeshare then you should sell privately to someone you know, or think about exchanging your unit through a vacation club for other destinations. There is always the option of renting too.


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  1. Maya Garson Avatar
    Maya Garson

    Timeshare industry is known for being very susceptible to scams. Year after year, thousands of people around the world feel they were scammed by a timeshare developer. The reason why fractional ownership is successful, it’s because shared properties have become a tremendously profitable way for resorts to sell real estate- mostly suites in important touristic destinations. On the other hand, despite the success, timeshares have gained a bad reputation.

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