Timeshare Scams Explained

It seems that many people see timeshare as a scam when in reality the scheme is a genuine offer and those who have been ripped off have had the unfortunate experience of meeting with a deliberate fraud. Buying with a reputable timeshare company with a long track record will keep you safe from being swindled.

In fact, if timeshare suits your vacation needs, it is a far from a scam and can actually save you money and time in the future. Nevertheless, the real benefit of buying a timeshare is not to save money but to raise the quality of your vacation experience and invest in time with your loved ones.

Even so, there are those who have experienced a deliberate timeshare scam, so let’s take a look at some of the ways to save yourself from a timeshare scam.

Most timeshare scams are related to selling your timeshare property. For example, you may get a telephone call from an agent who claims they have a buyer who wants to buy your timeshare. You may not have even considered selling but if the price is right, you might well take the bait. In order to receive the information of the buyer you have to pay an introduction fee, and there goes your money! You never hear from the agent again.

Some timeshare scams relate to the gift you receive to attend a presentation. You go to the presentation and decide not to buy a property but are still entitled to your free gift. Some companies charge you a hefty delivery fee, which costs more than the gift is worth. Other scams involve having to pay to enter a raffle in order to win your free gift. These kinds of scams are getting less common as timeshare companies are recognizing the need to protect their reputations and trust that the properties should simply sell themselves.


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    With the current state of the economy, it has become more important to think on what is best for our pockets. Many people consider on taking timeshare promotions and promos.

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