Timeshare: Top 10 Tips

Timeshare receives a lot of negative press, however there are ways to ensure your timeshare experience is a great one. Take a look at the top 10 tips below that could save you money and avoid a timeshare nightmare or scam.

1 – Make sure you really like the destination

Even though most timeshare resorts are situated in great locations, you need to make sure that the timeshare destination you are buying in is somewhere you would like to return to regularly, and a place that you could easily rent, should you wish to make a profit on your timeshare later.

2 – Be clear about what you are looking for

Although it might appear obvious, be sure about what you want from you vacations with the seller. The timeshare closer might well be able to tailor a special plan for you.

3 – Research the timeshare operator

Most timeshare companies are the real deal but there are some that give the industry a bad name. To avoid a timeshare scam, it only takes a couple of minutes to check on the internet to make sure that the timeshare company you are buying from is trustworthy.

4 – Buy from long standing timeshare companies

Timeshare developers like Villa Group that have many years experience in the business ensure a great investment as they know a great location when they see one and are also experts in developing resorts that are popular, making your timeshare easy to rent or sell for profit.

5- Maintenance Fees

Find out about maintenance fees before buying and budget any increases into your figures. Like any property, your maintenance fees are there to protect your investment and make sure that your timeshare is in perfect condition when you arrive.

6 – Beware Resale Scams

Avoid any agents that approach you about selling your timeshare; they might say they have a buyer and then charge you a joining fee before all of a sudden the buyer pulls out. If you decide to cash in on your investment and sell your timeshare, always look for a recommended estate agent, or see about an upgrade from the original timeshare operator.

7 – Do the math

Be honest with yourself and the timeshare seller about how much you can spend and afford to pay in the future. Most sellers can come up with a unit to suit your budget leaving room for an upgrade once your finances improve.

8 – Be careful when buying unfinished properties

If you are thinking about buying a timeshare in a resort that is not yet built, make sure you only do so with an established company like Villa Group, especially in a foreign country.

9 – Decide between fixed week or points scheme

Before choosing your timeshare, think about whether you want to return to the same destination every year, or if you want to visit different places every time. Timeshare fixed week is perfect if you have limited set vacation time, while points schemes allow you to pick an choose with more flexibility.

10 – Be informed and ask questions

Ask as many questions as possible during the presentation to clear any doubts. This will help you decide if you want to buy a timeshare and also help the seller find a deal that will suit you.


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