Top Cabo San Lucas Landmarks – Land’s End

Each successful vacation destination seems to have its own defining feature: in Rio it’s the Christ Statue, in New York, it’s the Statue of Liberty, in Cabo San Lucas it’s El Arco, otherwise known as Lands End.

The Land’s End natural rock formation is a huge rocky arch that features on many postcards and guidebooks promoting Cabo San Lucas. Found where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean clash at the tip of the California Peninsula, el Arco is one of Cabo’s most celebrated attractions. Carved over centuries as the sea slowly washes away the rock, Land’s End is now an unforgettable part of Cabo’s identity.

Why is El Arco also Called Land’s End?

In Spanish, the landmark is known as El Arco, which makes logical reference to its shape, while the English version, Land’s End, carries a curious story. The name Land’s End is supposed to have come from the idea that if you were to take a direct trajectory south from the rock formation, you would hit the South Pole without seeing any other land masses on your way – hence Land’s End.

Can you go there?

There are daily tours to Land’s End in Cabo, although you can easily reach the arch on your own steam from Cabo San Lucas Marina by water taxi. You could also hire a manned yacht or small fishing boat to take you at your leisure.

What can you see there?

You could easily spend a few hours at el Arco as there are sandy beaches for swimming and bathing. Snorkeling and diving here is highly recommended as the rock formation provides home to many wonderful fish and marine life. There are turtles and sea lions here too. Just watch out for the pelicans that tend to dive past you with a huge splash.

Say Cheese

Land’s End is a must-do photo opportunity. It will make a great profile picture for Facebook or a screensaver for your computer. Don’t forget to post a photo on Twitter and Instagram!



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