Vacation club owners in Mexico

Vacation Club Information: Villa Preferred Access Club

Who doesn’t want a vacation home in Mexico? It’s safe to say that almost anyone would love the chance to own and enjoy a luxury vacation getaway in paradise. However, many people don’t have the finances available to make that dream come true. There is a better way. An affordable option to enjoy all the perks and enjoyment that come with a vacation home is by joining a vacation club. For example, the Villa Preferred Access Club gives members a chance to enjoy dream vacations in Mexico, all without breaking the bank. Keep reading below to learn more. You should see if you qualify for membership with the Villa Preferred Access Club, the exclusive division of the Villa Group vacation club.

Villa Preferred Access Club – Travel to Mexico

To start with, a vacation club or timeshare ownership allows members to prepay for vacation time at top resorts. In Mexico, The Villa Group is an award winning provider that has comfortable accommodations, luxurious amenities and top services that travelers love. Plus, they offer all-inclusive vacation experiences so that every getaway is relaxing and carefree as they want it to be. Resorts are family friendly too, so you can make lasting memories with your loved ones whether you travel with your whole family or a couples getaway. Plus, by prepaying to join a vacation club, you end up saving money over time. Timeshare ownership allows you to lock in today’s low rates for future travel. That way, you save money in the long run which just makes good financial sense. Villa Preferred Access Club has tons of great benefits for its members that make each vacation to Mexico as enjoyable as you want it to be.

Benefits of Club Membership

Vacation club owners in Mexico

There are lots of benefits that come with joining the Villa Preferred Access Club. To start with, members have access to 9 incredible resorts in the top 5 tourist destinations in Mexico. Villa Group Resorts have beautiful properties in Islands of Loreto, Cancun, Cabo, Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta. As a Villa Preferred Access Club member, you can plan trips to visit each of these amazing resorts. That way, you can have flexibility and variety with your travel plans, all while guaranteeing a high level of quality and service. No one wants to waste precious vacation time by being disappointed by lackluster services or subpar accommodations. As a Villa Preferred Access Club member, you know what you are getting. That is high quality, friendly staff and the best accommodations and amenities that your family will love.

Save Money

When you think about buying a vacation home, that means a lot of time researching where to buy and it can be very expensive, too. Plus, a standalone vacation home may end up adding more stress to your life as maintenance and upkeep can become overwhelming. On the contrary, timeshare ownership allows you to show up for vacation and get ready to simply relax. Maintenance and upkeep of your vacation unit and the common areas are handled for you. That way, you can make every moment count and focus on the important stuff – spending quality time with your loved ones. Because of this, smart travelers opt to invest in timeshare ownership as opposed to buying a vacation home. Remember, if you want a vacation home in Mexico, timeshare ownership or vacation club membership with the Villa Group is the best choice. The Villa Preferred Access membership is a top choice so that every vacation is better than the last one.

When you become a member of Villa Preferred Access scheme you automatically gain access to all of Villa del Palmar’s affiliated resorts. This means that you can stay in Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, the Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta resorts if you so wish. These are some of the most beautiful and prestigious resorts in Mexico that only come second place to the landscape around them.

Points System is Key

One of the best parts about the Villa Preferred Access Club is that it uses a points based system. For example, instead of having specific weeks that you can use a fixed unit, you can travel to any of the resorts you want to. That way, you can mix up your vacations and add excitement to your getaways, all while maintaining the same level of quality and attention you expect and deserve. That way, you can make your vacation whatever you want it to be. You can decide to take a long vacation and stay in a more affordable unit, or treat yourself to a weekend getaway in an upscale penthouse unit. Plus, you can also use points to pamper yourself at the spa or restaurants. In addition, if you end up not using your points, you can always save them for later. Unused points can be banked for future use so that you never lose out. You can even earn points when you refer a friend that joins the Villa Group vacation club, too.

As you can see, the Villa Preferred Access Club is a wise vacation solution for travelers who want all the perks of a vacation home in Mexico, without the address stress or financial strain a standalone property entails. Are you ready to learn more? Contact the Villa Group today to learn more. To join, you can attend a sales presentation and take a property tour so you can see all the incredible benefits of membership for yourself. In addition, the Villa Group has updated their health and safety standards in order to make sure guests have a safe vacation in Mexico. Don’t let life pass you by. Contact Villa Group Resorts today and start planning your next vacation to Mexico.


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