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What’s the Scam at Discount Vacation Hotels

In short – there is NO scam at Discount Vacation Hotels. Discount Vacation Hotels is a registered travel agent and specializes in Mexican vacation packages. All the Mexican resorts and beachfront hotels promoted by Discount Vacation Hotels are genuine, and its agents are there to guide you to the best deal!

Warning Signs of a Scam

Many people see the heavily discounted packages on offer from Discount Vacation Hotels and assume that the travel agent must be a scam somehow. You begin to wonder how such a well respected company can afford to sell such low cost packages for all inclusive or room only deals in some of the best hotels in Mexico. In most cases, you could go by the old adage that if it looks too good to be true then it can’t be true. In most cases, this advice is usually the wisest. However, in the case of Discount Vacation Hotels the deal is real!

Discount Vacation Hotels Website

Cheap Vacation Packages

The main reason that you can be sure Discount Vacation Hotel isn’t a scam is because you do get the deal advertized on the website. One reason they are able to give you these deals is because they specialize in Mexican vacations, nothing else. Because of this they can find the best deals in the best places and, as an added bonus, the Discount Vacation Hotels agents you’ll speak to are hugely knowledgeable about the destinations offered by their company. These locations include Cabo San Lucas, the Islands of Loréto, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

Real Incentives at Discount Vacation Hotels

You should remember, too, that Discount Vacation Hotels is no scam because there is a real incentive for the discounts they offer. In return for the cheap vacations they offer you’ll be asked to attend a sales presentation. There is no obligation whatsoever to buy anything but anyone who purchases a package deal with Discount Vacation Hotels will have to attend the sales talk when they reach their destination.

Realistic Discounts

When all this is considered, it’s easy to see why the discount prices offered are so low and, in all honesty, you needn’t worry. Discount Vacation Hotels offers great deals but it’s definitely not a scam!

If you want more information about Discount Vacation Hotels you can go to their official website or call free to speak to an agent:

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