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What brings Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez to the Islands of Loreto?

Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez

With culinary talents sharpened by extensive experience working in a number of kitchens around Mexico, Chef Gerardo Garcia Martinez was hired by the luxurious Villa del Palmar resort at the Islands of Loréto as its acclaimed sous chef. He’s the perfect man for the role because aside from his outstanding culinary skills, he has a […]

Find Discount Vacation Reviews

Discount vacation reviews are very useful and beneficial for those looking for a more affordable vacation. You have to find the appropriate website where to read and find relevant information. Before making that booking, it would be good for you checking out these discount vacation reviews. Here is some advice that can serve as a […]

Cheap All Inclusive Packages with Discount Vacation Hotels

If you are seeking a cheap all inclusive package to Mexico, then you should check out Discount Vacation Hotels. On this budget website, you will find the cheapest offers for vacations to Mexico. No scam, no hidden charges, no fuss. Cheap All Inclusive Packages to Mexico You will find incredibly priced all inclusive packages to […]

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico Style

Statistics in the USA claim that more than 20 billion dollars are spent of Valentine’s chocolates, jewelry, cards and gifts each year. Vacations to Mexico to celebrate Valentine’s Day are almost as popular as anniversaries and birthdays. There are many reasons why celebrating Valentine’s Day Mexico style is a great idea. Why Choose Mexico for […]

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