Holiday Season Vacations

When the grip of winter takes its toll and you pin your hopes for joy on Christmas and the holiday season, what better way to lighten the dark nights than a vacation. Getting away at Christmas makes all the difference to facing the new year and the cold months ahead when freezing weather truly descends upon North America.

Vacations in Mexico are very popular over the holiday season and no matter what religion you are, escaping the consumer frenzy during this time is often very welcome in favor of a sandy beach, warm temperatures and an ocean view. There are various destinations in Mexico poised to make your Christmas vacations the best yet.


Cancun is a great holiday season getaway. Temperatures in December are very pleasant, ranging from around 81ºF (27ºC) with nighttime temperatures around  66ºF (19ºC) and the destination is full of good-hearted visitors from all over the world looking to celebrate the holidays. There are many activities to enjoy such as exploring the Mayan Ruins or taking a trip to one of the many magical cenotes (sinkholes).

Puerto Vallarta

Family vacations to Puerto Vallarta over Christmas and New Year are very popular. The city has a number of fabulous restaurants that would be perfect for dining on Christmas Day. And because Mexican’s have their main meal on Christmas Eve, you will not have a problem reserving your favorite restaurants like you do back home. The other added bonus that comes with taking a vacation in Puerto Vallarta in December is that you will be able to take a whale watching tour and hopefully see humpback whales.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo is a great place for all kinds of visitors but especially those who like to party. This is a great destination for New Year, when the town comes alive with activities and fun antics. lf you are arriving from the US and Canada, there are a number of direct flights to this popular beach location and you may even bump into some Hollywood stars trying to keep a low profile.


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