Working Together for a Greener Puerto Vallarta

Mexico is a beautiful country with incredible beaches, natural beauty and a rich heritage. Plus, the authentic and traditional cuisine is outstanding. Everything from simple street tacos up to gourmet fine dining is simply delicious. As a result, many people love to vacation in Mexico. In fact, some people love it so much they end up buying a vacation home in the area. Others decide to invest in timeshare ownership so they can regularly visit. Have you been to Puerto Vallarta for a vacation in Mexico? If so, you unfortunately have seen that trash and litter is a problem in Mexico and has been for a long time. However, positive changes are occurring right now to reduce the amount of trash on the streets. Hopefully, by working together, we will have a greener Puerto Vallarta for future generations to enjoy. Read more below about how Puerto Vallarta is changing for the better.

Working Together for a Greener Puerto Vallarta

Did you know that some people below that the custom of throwing trash carelessly to the ground originated many generations ago? More than a hundred years ago, it was customary for people to throw items that were broken or that they no longer needed into the woods or their backyards. However, these discarded items were made of wood and clay that was easily biodegradable. With the introduction of plastics and modern advances that had negative effects on the environment, this custom became a big problem. In fact, most objects and materials that we use today didn’t even exist back then such as plastic containers, aluminum cans, soft drink bottles and fast-food wrappers. These products contribute to pollution and adversely affect the natural environment now and for hundreds of thousands of years to come. As a result, it is important that we reduce our carbon footprint in every way possible.

Puerto Vallarta Downtown, background the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Trash Campaigns in Puerto Vallarta

Many Puerto Vallarta residents have decided to do something about the trash problem in the area. For example, John Benus is an American expat from Fairfax, California. Venus now lives in Puerto Vallarta permanently and has created a “War Against Litter”, which is a cleaning campaign that he oversees in several Puerto Vallarta neighborhoods. Benus previously lived in Talpa de Allende where he also led a successful litter campaign to bring awareness to this issue. More than 20 years ago, Venus led an Adopt a Highway initiative in Marin County, California where his passion to help create a cleaner and healthier environment was ignited.Venus believes that it doesn’t matter how much money or education people have. His philosophy is that the most important thing is life is how much you share with others in order to help.

“Limpia Tu Barrio”

In addition to Benus, British expat and painter Tania Gedmintas has been working on a trash campaign for years known as “Limpia Tu Barrio.” Limpia Tu Barrios translates in English to clean your neighborhood. She regularly organizes and oversees cleaning campaigns that promote self-led motivation to carry a bag as you make your way through your daily life and pick up trash along the way. Gedmintas started the movement by taking a bag along her daily walks with her children to pick up trash, then posting the images on social media to promote the movement. As a result, others began doing the same. As a result, many areas in the city have been cleaned up thanks to her efforts as a positive role model for a greener Puerto Vallarta. If we all do our part, the positive benefits and lasting impact can be huge.

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Updated: March 31, 2021 — 4:07 pm

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